As an international consulting company, we cover different areas of a business life cycle and due to our strong distribution network we are a reliable partner in various projects worldwide. We gladly inform you about the possibilities of co-financing your projects and further develop a common strategy plan with you.

Coordination of enterprises 'Eastern Europe'

We offer our clients extensive consulting and many possibilities of cooperation when planning on expanding to Eastern Europe.

No matter whether you are searching for cooperation in the form of a Joint-Venture, for a possibility to buy within the scope of an asset deal or simply for a new channel of distribution, we are going to be at hand with help and advice for you.

Furthermore we arrange in cooperation with you the market entry for your product roster. We develop an effective market strategy and, if requested, accompany you to the particular destination for holding first talks. In addition we cooperate with specialists from all CIS countries as well as from the Baltic states and Poland.

Coordination of enterprises 'Western Europe'

For the enterprises from Germany and Austria we undertake the search of financing and cooperation possibilities from the CIS countries. Based on your guidelines and a collectively developed concept we take over the match-making and establish contacts with foreign countries.

Moreover, there are possibilities for enterprises from Eastern Europe to join the German market in cooperation with us. Here as well we develop a concept in cooperation and transpose the correct strategy in order to extend distribution channels, to form joint ventures or to initiate acquisitions of firms.
Contact us and let us create a solution for you helping your enterprise to benefit from added and lasting value.